ACCURA provides remote tank monitoring, asset tracking, and data reporting services through a sole source combination of hardware, sensors, and software applications to deliver critical tank level & other metrics data 24/7, available virtually anywhere in the world – for key fluid resources such as commodity chemicals, diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), fuels and lubes, water treatment and propane . Our market-specific tank monitoring systems & solutions and tank telemetry products help ensure product purity and eliminate run-outs and emergency deliveries, improve resource planning, route optimization and more. Our remote tank monitoring data makes your operations more efficient, and that helps make your business more profitable. Contact us today to discover how ACCURA can help your supply chain.


Your Efficiency Is What We Are All About

In this economy, maximizing operational efficiency is more important than ever – it can make the difference between the P&L statement staying healthy or bleeding in red ink. You know it, and we know it – and we’re here to help.

Run-outs and costly emergency deliveries can really damage your operating efficiency. Our sole-source wireless remote tank-level monitoring solutions help you manage inventory, track assets and plan the most efficient delivery routes. With tools like our Delivery Efficiency Fill report, you can track delivery efficiency over time, set better targets for delivery efficiency, calculate potential cost savings, and enhance your business profitability.

Best of all, our single-source tank telemetry systems are designed for and are currently utilized by numerous industries throughout Middle East. Chances are, if it’s a fluid, we’ve monitored it previously and have the experience to help you maintain your assets.

Wireless, Remote Tank Monitoring Systems & Solutions Are Our Sole Focus

Wireless Tank Monitoring Systems & Solutions Are Our Sole Focus.

When you do one thing, and do it well, you tend to become the de facto standard of excellence that customers are looking for. Wireless remote tank monitoring solutions is not just one part of what we focus on, it IS what we do, who we are, and it’s all we do.

Our sales, customer service, and tech support people have decades of experience, across a vast array of applications – chemicals, fuels & lubes, propane, diesel exhaust fluid and ag-chem. If it’s stored in a tank, chances are we’ve monitored it. This experience and expertise results in a well-detailed consultation, recommendation and proposal delivered straight to you.

Critical Data When and Where You Need It 24/7

Yes, we make and sell the hardware necessary to monitor your tanks, but it’s the data you get from us that means the most to enhancing your operations efficiency. Our product delivers data and alerts to your PC or mobile device – everything you need, wherever you are, to make the best inventory and delivery decisions.

24/7 web access to data for building efficient delivery routes, tracking and locating assets and monitoring tank inventory, delivered to your desk or in the field – PC, laptop, Smartphone or mobile tablet – if you have internet access, you have the data. You control who has access to it, and to what level.

Critical Data When and Where You Need It 24/7


With our tank level monitoring hardware, software, and data delivery system, you will know what your customers need before even they know it. You can push product to them instead of waiting for them to place an order, and make fewer, larger deliveries throughout the year. This proactive approach enhances your overall customer relationship, makes you more efficient and profitable, and allows you to expand your business without adding a lot of staff or extra vehicles.

Contact us to get started with tank telemetry today. We’re waiting to hear from you.