Nearly 75% of early instrument failures can be traced to design, installation or installation deficiencies. Similarly, newly launched plants experience many unnecessary outages due to improper coordination and calibration of devices, wiring errors, design errors, etc. In other cases, the failures don’t occur until months after the facility has gone into operation and the warranties have expired.

We understand the complexities of starting up a new plant or process. You’re concerned with getting it done right and on time. But installation is also the time to think about future reliability. It’s your opportunity to do it right from the beginning. Engaging ACCURA Instrumentation & Calibration commissioning and installation services to installation your critical plant assets ensures that the newly installed instrument and systems meet the design intent and operate effectively as an integrated system enabling your new instrument to reach peak performance quickly and easily.

We inspect, confirm proper installation, calibrate and test your instrument to assure it is operating properly and to specifications. We can also determine whether any instrument has been damaged during shipment or installation and ensure that your instrument complies with the purchase specifications and design intent. We can also provide reports and on-going diagnostic agreements so you can compare future operations with baseline data.

Need just a straightforward calibration done? ACCURA Instrumentation & Calibration has highly qualified technicians who will supply quality workmanship effectively completed.

Using ACCURA Instrumentation & Calibration’ commissioning and Installation services will help ensure that newly installed instrument operates effectively as an integrated system. Our aim is no rework, fewer change orders, and lower operation and maintenance costs, saving you time and money. Our services combine the right people and the right resources to deliver the shortest possible installation for your critical assets.