Accura represents Labotronics in UAE for supply of a wide range of Laboratory Instruments

Labotronics Scientific Ltd. is a Canada based renowned laboratory equipment manufacturing company. They offer a wide range of Laboratory Equipment that are used in Life Science, Medical and Healthcare, Molecular Biology, Biotechnology, Industrial production, Research Laboratories and educational sectors. They thrive in improving the productivity and workflow to meet the experimental needs in laboratories and industries.

They are committed to providing Safe, Reliable, and Supreme quality products, which have been diligently tested and approved by a team of R&D, Quality Control, and Quality Assurance expertise, who progressively work to meet the customer’s requirements.


Abrasion Tester

Accelerated Iron Corrosion Tester

Air Release Value Tester


Alloy analyzers

Aniline Point Tester

Ash Content Tester

Auto-ignition Point Tester


Automated Blood Culture System

Automated Immunohistochemistr

Automated solid phase extraction

Automatic biochemistry analyzer

Automatic Cloud And Pour Point

Automatic Melting Point Meter

Automatic Oil Acidity Tester

Bacti-Cinerator Sterilizer


Ball Mill

Baths and Circulators

Benchtop Conductivity Meter

Benchtop Turbidity Meter

Biosafety Cabinets

Blood bank refrigerator

Blood Grouping Instrument

Blood Plasma Freezer

Blood Platelet Incubator

Bloom Viscosity Tester


Carbon Monoxide Meter

Carbon Residue Apparatus

Carbon Sulphur Analyzer

Cassette Printer


Cetane Analyzer

Charpy Impact Tester


Chlorine Content Analyzer

Chlorine Meters

Clean Booth

COD Thermoreactors

Cold Behaviour Measurement

Cold Storage

Cold Trap Bath

Colony Counter


Contact Thermometer

Corossion Tester

Crude Fat Meter

Dark Petroleum Sulfur Content


Dew Point Tester

Digestion Apparatus

Digital Thermo-Hygrometer

DIN Abrasion Tester

Disintegration Tester

Dissolution Tester

Distillation Tester

Dropping Point Tester

Drying Cabinet

Electrolyte Analyzer

Electrophoresis Unit

ELISA Reader

ELISA Workstation

Environmental Meters

Evaporation Loss Test Bath

Existent Gum Tester

Fat Analyzer


Filtration System

Fixed Gas Analyzer

Fixed Infrared analyzer

Flash Point Tester

Flow Cytometer

Fluorescence Quantitative PCR

Fluorescent Indicator Absorption

Foaming Characteristic Tester

Four Parameter Tablet Tester


Fully automatic chemistry anal

Fume Extractors

Fume Hoods


Gas Chromatography

Gas Detectors


Gear Oil Channel point Tester

Gel Document Imaging System

Glass Bead Sterilizer

Glass Reactor

Glass Tube Air Dryer

Glassware Washing Machine

Glove Box

GPC Cleanup system

Gradient PCR Machine

Halogen Moisture Analyzer

Handheld Salinity Meters

Heating Mantle

Hematology analyzer


Hot Plate

Hotplate Stirrer


Hydraulic Servo Universal Testing


Ice Makers



Intelligent Trimming Hood

Interfacial Tensiometer

Ion Chromatography

IR Thermometer

Izod Pendulum Impact Tester

Jar tester

Karl Fischer Titrator

Kinematic Viscosity Bath

Kjeldahl Systems

Lab Jack

Laboratory Shakers And 3-D Ro

Laminar Flow Cabinets

Laser Distance Meter


Liquid Chromatography

Liquid Nitrogen Containers

Mechanical Impurities Tester

Melt Flow Rate Tester

Melting Point Tester

Metal Analyzer

Microbial Air Sampler

Microplate Luminometer

Microplate Reader

Microplate Washer



Microwave digestion system

Microwave Reactor

Microwave synthesizer

Microwave Workstation

Mini Environmental Meters

Mixers and Vortexer

Moisture Meters

Moisture Testers

Mooney Viscometer

Multi Test Analyzer

Multi-Gas Analyzers

Multi-Gas Analyzers

Nitrogen Evaporator

Nitrogen Oxygen Analyzer

Octane Analyzer

Octane And Cetane Tester

Oil Anti-emulsification Tester

Oil bath

Oil Dielectric Tester

Oil Melting Point Meter

Ore analyzers

ORP Pocket Meters


Overhead Stirrer

Oxidation Stability Tester

Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter

Paper Tape Abrasion Tester

Paraffin Block Trimmer

Paraffin Dispenser

Paraffin Melting Apparatus

Particle Counter

Particle Size Analyzer

Pass Box

Pathology Drying Slide Storage

Pathology Paraffin Block Storag

Pathology Slide Storage Cabinet

Pathology Workstation

PCR Cabinet


Peristaltic Pumps

Petroleum Density Tester

pH Meters

Pharmacy Refrigerator

Pocket pH Meters

Pocket TDS Meters


Portable Dust Sampler

Portable pH Meter

Portable Turbidity Meter

Precious metal analyzers

Rapid Plastimeter

Ratio Turbidimeter

Raw Fibre Analyzer

Real Time PCR


Refrigerated Circulators

Reid Vapor Pressure Bath

RoHS analyzers

Rotary Evaporator

Rubber Rheometer

Safety Containment Cabinets

Salt Content Analyzer

Sample Concentrator

Sampling and Dispensing Booth

Sediment Extraction Apparatus

Seed Germinator

Semi automatic chemistry analy

Short Path Distillation Kits

Single Gas Analyzer

Slide Printer

Smoke Point Tester

Soil metal analyzers

Solid Phase Extraction

Soxhlet Water Bath



Stand Base

Stand Base

Stomacher Blender

Sulfur Testing

Tablet Friabilty Tester

Tablet Hardness Tester

TAN and TBN Tester

Tensile Testing Equipment

Test Chambers

Test tube management instrume

Thermal Cycler

Thermostatic Oil Bath

Thermostatic Sand Bath

Tissue Embedding System

Tissue Floatation Bath

Tissue Processor

Tissue Slide Stainer

TOC Analyzer

Tribology Tester


Ultrasonic Cleaners

UV Analyzers


Vented Stainless Steel Specimen


Wall-Mounted Gas Analyzer

Water Bath and Slide Dryer

Water Distillers

Water Purifier