Accura is a distributor for All type of MZD Analyzers

MZD Analytik GmbH is a market leading brand for High quality Gas, Water and Moisture Analyzers.

The basis of our work is the mutual trust between the partners in a long-term successful cooperation. Our service goal is to uncompromisingly achieve the satisfaction of our customers and to be the most important partner concerning industrial measurement technology in the world.

MZD supply products as follows:

Gas analyzers (Oxygen Gas Analyzer, Hydrogen Gas Analyzer, Carbon monoxide Gas Analyzer, Carbon dioxide Gas Analyzer, Sulfur dioxide Gas Analyzer, Nitrogen Gas Analyzer, Methane Gas Analyzer, Hydrocarbon Gas Analyzer, Ozone Gas Analyzer, Hydrogen sulfide Gas Analyzer, Argon Gas Analyzer, Helium Gas Analyzer, Neon Gas Analyzer, Krypton Gas Analyzer, Deuterium Gas Analyzer, Sulfur hexafluoride Gas Analyzer, Fire extinguishing Gas Analyzer R125, Emission Gas Analyzer, Thermal Conductivity Gas Analyzer, Infrared photometry Analyzer, Ultraviolet photometry Analyzer,Laser Analyzer)

Moisture analyzers (Trace moisture in gas Analyzer, Dewpoint transmitter, Bulk Moisture Analyzer, Moisture in oil Analyzer)

Water quality analyzers (Fouling Monitoring Analyzer, Turbidity Analyzer, Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer, PH meter/ORP Analyzer, Conductivity analyzer, Suspended Solids Concentration Analyzer, Oil-in-water Analyzer, COD Analyzer, BOD Analyzer), etc.

Gas Analyzers

Medical Oxygen Analyzer(Moisture, O2, CO, CO2)


Ultraviolet photometry Analyzer(NDUV,UVRAS,ATEX)

Thermal Conductivity Analyzer(TCD,ATEX)

Laser Spectroscopy Analyzer(TDLAS,ATEX)

Infrared photometry Analyzer(NDIR,ATEX)

Oxygen Analyzer(Paramagnetic principle,ATEX)

Gas Density measurement(ATEX)

ppm Trace Oxygen Analyzer(Zirconia principle)

Percent Oxygen Analyzer(Zirconia principle)

ppm/ppb Mositure Analyzer(ATEX)

DewPoint Transmitter / Analyzer,SMART-DP

Moisture Analyzers

ppm/ppb Mositure Analyzer(P2O5, ATEX)

Bulk Moisture Analyzer,SMART-MP

ppb/ppm Moisture Transmitter,SMART-MT20(ATEX)

Moisture Analyzer(Water in Oil),SMART-WIO

DewPoint Transmitter / Analyzer,SMART-DP

Water Quality Analyzers

PH Analyzer

ORP Analyzer

Dissolved Oxygen Analyzer

Turbidity Analyzer

Salinity Analyzer

Conductivity Analyzer

Chlorine/Dioxide Chlorine Analyzer

SS/MLSS Analyzer

COD Analyzer

BOD Analyzer

TOC Analyzer

Fouling Monitoring Analyzer

TDS Analyzer