Inaccurate measurement leaves oil and gas companies exposed to the risk of large financial losses whether at the exploration, production or distribution stage.

With calibration of measurement instrumentation services from ACCURA INSTRUMENTATION & CALIBRATION, you can be sure of the highest degree of measurement accuracy, reducing measurement uncertainties. Meter calibration enables you to avoid errors and mis-measurements. From production facilities, both on and offshore, through to distribution pipeline systems, storage facilities, tankers and oil refineries, and from terminals through to inland distribution systems, dynamic measurement systems instrumentation is crucial to achieving the highest practicable dynamic measurement accuracy. Working with your facilities and management personnel, ACCURA INSTRUMENTATION & CALIBRATION experts can provide equipment calibration, which meets exacting standards. We assist you with certifying meter accuracy and the calibration of all primary, secondary and tertiary instrumentation.


Our experts have many years of experience in the industry covering all types of meter calibration together with a wide range of international measurement reference standards. Through our worldwide network we can also offer you an extensive range of fixed pipe and mobile master prover rigs, volumetric, mass and gravimetric calibration systems, together with calibrated reference master meters, which can be used on a wide variety of hydrocarbon products.

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Ensuring high and Consistent product quality through Calibration and Instrumentation.

In food and beverage industry, high and consistent product quality is a top priority issue. Improving safety, ensuring high and consistent product quality, achieving cost savings. In food and beverage industry, the high and consistent quality of the product is a number one priority. In addition, many plants need to follow quality standards and regulatory requirements. All processes must correspond to the planned characteristics, and the role of calibration is very important to ensure the quality and safety of the processes.


Ensure high product quality: The success of food & beverage companies relies often on a strong brand name. The quality of the product is number one priority and Accura Instrumentation & Calibration help in ensuring the quality and safety of processes.

Meet regulatory requirements: When the food & beverage plant operates according to a quality system (e.g. ISO 9001, ISO 14001), Accura Instrumentation & Calibration solution helps in meeting the calibration and documentation requirements.


Improving power plant performance through calibration Calibration helps a power plant in maintaining or even improving safety, as well as in meeting national and international standards. However, calibration is also a matter of profitability. By using high-accuracy calibration equipment, the accuracy of vital measurements can be maintained on a required level and the plant can increase its annual power production capability.


Calibration is carried out to compare the quality and reliability of the measurements by means of traceability through national and international standards (e.g. NIST, ISO 9001, ISO 17025).

Plan safety is based on never exceeding the established operating parameters (e.g. reactor power, cooling capacity).


Enhanced calibration equipment performance results in better uncertainty levels, with which it is possible to improve annual production levels.

With an integrated calibration solution, such as the Beamex® calibrators and calibration software, plant can reduce the amount of paperwork and equipment that has to be taken out in the field.


ACCURA Instrumentation and Calibration is leading provider of rotation management systems and calibration instruments to the shipping industry.

We manage the system for our customers, ensuring traceable, calibrated and certified instruments. This will be carried out by our own calibration laboratory or in specific cases by one of our partners.


Meeting specific demands from our customers, as well as covering the E0 requirements. E.g.


The test case comes with all the instruments you need, together with all the certificates required.


Together with our worldwide partners, our rotation system makes sure you have traceable, calibrated and certified instruments at all times.


In the field of biomedical calibration, where patient safety is ultimately at stake and regulatory requirements abound, Accura Instrumentation and Calibration has a reputation for providing the highest level of accuracy, traceability, and reliability possible. Trusting us to provide the best quality service, a major health care provider contracted with us to calibrate and repair a wide variety of simulation, test, and measurement instruments – proper calibration and operation of these instruments was critical for assessing the accuracy and safety of the medical devices used for patient care.

While onsite, our technicians were able to update and organize the client’s equipment inventory and enter the data into our calibration management system, Gage InSite. By organizing each instrument via an ID number, the system can track it through the calibration/repair process, maintain a detailed history, issue reminder notices, and the facilitate recordkeeping required for meeting regulatory requirements.

Accura Instrumentation and Calibration‘s skilled technicians, their attention to detail, and meticulous recordkeeping made this project a success. Contact Accura Instrumentation and Calibration today to learn more about our biomedical calibration services.


Accura Instrumentation and Calibration can provide you with technical support and sales for almost all range of aviation and industrial products. In addition to providing technical support and sales of product for you our laboratory provides calibration and repair services for most of your aviation ground support instrumentation including high end electrical and electronic equipment.


Accura Instrumentation and Calibration provides calibration services on-site and in our laboratory to service materials testing laboratories and various construction-related equipment. Our procedures follow guidelines set by the appropriate agency standards to support our Clients with the correct calibrations when complying with international accreditation.


Accura Instrumentation and Calibration. continues to provide a broad spectrum of services to the UAE manufacturing industry. we have specialized in meeting or exceeding each of our client’s unique requirements.

Our standard manufacturing calibration services are available to meet government, ISO, and many other unique statutory and quality requirements of various manufacturing areas. Our calibrations are :